Where can I have my Aston Martin(s) serviced?

The aim of the Flying Technician is to make servicing your Aston Martin as convenient as possible for you. We are therefore willing to service your car at any location; whether this is at your home, at your work or where your car is being stored. All we need is an outdoor flat, solid area of approximately 6 meters by 9 meters.

What if you come across an issue that you can’t sort?

We will arrange with you for your car to come back to HWM at a time convenient to you. We can either arrange for it to be collected and driven back to our dealership, or we can arrange a covered transporter to collect your Aston Martin for a discounted price.

How much space do you need?

We need a flat, solid area of approximately 6 meters by 9 meters. This will allow for our Flying Technician to comfortably work on your car which will be parked next to our bespoke van and under our weather-proof awning. We can also work in your garage or car port provided there is sufficient room to walk around the whole car.

Are you insured for damage?

We are fully insured, just as your car would be if it was visiting our dealership. This covers us road-testing your car, working on your car and any damage, should it occur.

What if I miss my appointment?

You will need to contact the Flying Technician team to arrange another appointment and another call out charge will be applied. (Additional charges will apply). If you wish to cancel your appointment, please ensure you do so at least 48 hours before the day of the appointment.

Is this considered a fully authorised Aston Martin service?

Yes, absolutely. We are the only fully-approved Aston Martin mobile service which will provide an official authorised Aston Martin Service for your car. It will keep your warranty valid and your service book will be stamped upon its completion.

How will I know what time the Flying Technician will arrive?

The Flying Technician will contact you the day before your appointment and arrange a time to be with you at your location of choice (home, work etc.). Our Flying Technician will keep you informed on the day if he is delayed due to traffic.

How long will the service take?

We allow the full day for the service to be carried out, however on average a service can take about 4-5 hours to complete.

What happens if there is bad weather on the day my service is booked?

Our bespoke service van is fully equipped to carry out a service in any weather. The van contains an awning that serves as a shelter from the weather whilst your car is being serviced. To allow us to use this facility, the Flying Technician will need a flat, solid area of 6 meters by 9 meters available.

Will you come out just to fix a vehicle fault?

This depends on the fault, you would need to contact the Flying Tech team before our visit to see if we are able to fix your fault away from the dealership.

What other jobs can be carried out?

We can complete most jobs on site but there are some exceptions such as complex diagnostic work, road testing for noises (which often needs two technicians), and significant component replacement such as replacing an engine. Feel free to call us to discuss any specific requirements.

Can you sort all vehicle issues on site?

Not all issues can be done on site, some require specialist equipment and longer diagnostic time. We would be happy to discuss your particular requirements.

Will my book get stamped?

As this is a fully authorised Aston Martin service we will stamp your service book with an authorised Aston Martin stamp.

Does my car get a valet?

We do not carry out a valet simply because of logistics. We will, however, wipe down all surfaces we have touched and leave your car as we found it.

Can I add jobs for the technician to do on the day?

You will need to add any jobs when you speak with the Flying Tech team during the booking process. We always call to confirm your booking and your specific requirements. If you add a job on the day we may not have the necessary parts required with our technician to fix your car.

Can I be with the technician whilst he is working on my car?

We are certainly very happy to show you what we are doing. The Flying Tech van has a comfortable seating facility which you are welcome to take advantage of. We do typically ask that the technician is given a little space to concentrate. Accuracy is an important aspect along with safety so we always seek to have a quiet and calm working environment for our team, if possible.

Will you damage my drive or spill oil?

This is an extremely unlikely scenario that we always take responsibility for. As a precaution, we put down several layers of protection on your drive before we start any work and as such we are confident we will not cause any damage to your drive way.

Does your Flying Technician need access to my house - electric, toilet or water?

No our flying technician is totally self-sufficient and has access via our bespoke van to all the facilities he/she requires. The van is even equipped with sleeping facilities in case our Flying Technician needs to service more than two of your cars over a two-day period.

Can you service more than one of my cars during the visit?

Yes, we can certainly service two cars completed in the same day but some of our customers ask us to come out and service large vehicle collections over multiple days. We are happy to accommodate as per your requirements.

How far do you cover in the UK?

We will cover all of the mainland UK for the same callout fee. If you feel that you live in a particularly remote area, please call so that we can do our best to accommodate your requirements.